A home or business is burglarized every 15 seconds in the United States, according to FBI statistics. And property crimes, including burglary resulted in $14.3 billion in losses in 2015, the agency says.

The reported stolen property in the form of motor vehicles, jewelry, currency, firearms, and electronics among many others was approximated at a whopping $12.4 billion. Property crimes make up 75 percent of all types of crimes reported. The right security system is the number one solution to curbing property crime. Here are 5 reasons a business security system is worth the investment:

1. Theft protection
It is an affordable option even for a small business to guard against theft. A sound alarm system is an effective way of staying ahead of criminals at all times. Technological advancements have led to the discovery of top-notch systems that allow business owners to protect their businesses against criminal activities.

2. Insurance discounts
Insurance companies determine premiums based on the likelihood of a risk occurring, among many other factors. Besides ensuring theft protection, the right system minimizes risk for your insurance company which can earn you coverage discounts by up to 20 percent. The money you save on insurance can be used to pay for routine monitoring expenses.

3. Authorize entry into the business premises
Businesses usually attract all types of people, and in as much as most of them are welcome, there are people you would prefer to keep out. The installation of CCTV, keycard entry systems and alarm systems deter unwanted guests.

4. A safe atmosphere means quality and professionalism
Consumers are more comfortable shopping in premises where their security is guaranteed. Employees, too, are more motivated and productive in a work environment where they feel safe. Business owners can grab this opportunity to earn respect and loyalty from their customers and employees.

5. Around the clock peace of mind
Everyone looks forward to a quiet day in the evening after a long day at work. It is impossible to achieve this if you are constantly worrying about possible break-ins and other issues related to the security of your company. The solution is to find a good system and operators who can successfully handle safety issues as they arise. When you know that your business has additional protection, you can rest easy with your family and friends.

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