Here are 5 reasons your business should invest in a security system this year.

  1. Deter Crime Before It Happens. All Security solutions have the capability to deter crime. For example, camera systems not only record criminal activity but help reduce the risk of your business becoming a target. Most criminals turn away from businesses with cameras as it increases the likelihood of getting caught. What about a video verification alarm? This service is ideal for larger businesses such as construction sites, car dealers or warehouses. The video verification alarm signals are verified by a trained operator, preventing false alarms. When an actual intruder is spotted, law enforcement is dispatched immediately.
  2. Save Money on Insurance. It’s true that an investment in a system will pay off in the long run.  Security systems can lower your insurance by up to 20%.  Businesses also save by taking a tax write-off.
  3. Protect your Business Against Lawsuits. A security system protects you from lawsuits. Consider the scenario of one of our clients who owns a towing company. A man picked up his car from the towing company lot and falsely accused our client of assault, not realizing he was being recorded by camera surveillance. BSG systems retrieved the evidence and provided it to The San Antonio Police.
  4. Easier to Alert Authorities of an Intrusion. Intrusion alarms are the most popular. The reason: They can be monitored remotely. You no longer need to be on site and the police can be dispatched immediately. A significantly faster police response translates to increased arrests for burglars or vandals.
  5. Keep Vandals and Squatters out. Unrestricted property is a magnet for vandalism. An alarm system with the addition of good lighting can help dissuade vandals.