E-commerce has made shopping faster and more convenient. Today, approximately 79% of Americans have made an online purchase.  However, online shoppers who do not properly secure their personal data have become more susceptible to cyber attacks and identity theft.  Below, we provide five tips to ensure the security of personal and financial information online and safe delivery of purchases.

1. Buy from Credible Websites

Understand the potential risks of shopping online, such as identity theft or fraud, to properly safeguard your sensitive information.  Shop only on credible websites as cyber attackers often pose as e-retailers to obtain personal and financial data or gain access to devices. Avoid falling victim to a cyber attack with the following precautions:

2. Connect to a Secured Network

An unsecured network could leave your personal and financial data vulnerable to attack, as it is easily accessible to cyber criminals. Be aware of online shopping risks while on the go, and use the following security tips:

3. Secure Payments

Compromising personal payment information could lead to identity theft or fraudulent use. Credit cards are typically the safest payment method for online transactions as opposed to ATM or debit cards, as online shoppers are typically less liable for loss from unauthorized use. Consider taking the following actions to secure online payments and protect financial data:

4. Protect Smart Devices

Shopping on a mobile device adds a layer of convenience for shoppers; however, it can significantly increase security risks. Properly secure your smart device to mitigate the risk of compromising personal information:

5. Utilize Video Surveillance Cameras

After making an online purchase, ensure your package arrives safely at your doorstep with surveillance cameras or doorbell cameras. Monitor your front door from any web-enabled device in real-time to:

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