You’ve finally done it. You have upgraded your basement, den, unused garage, mother-in-law’s cottage, or spare bedroom to a modest man cave. Now you have a sound system, a gaming system, a TV, a comfortable couch or chairs, and a few other necessities.

Still, something seems like it is missing, your modest man cave is good, but it is not epic, and it is not anywhere near the ultimate man cave yet. Well, technology might just be your best friend in this case.

These days, you can upgrade your modest man cave to a smart man cave easily with high-tech man cave accessories.

1. Home Theater and Theater-Quality Screen

Sure, your 40, 50, or even 60-inch LED looks good. However, for the ultimate in movie watching, console gaming, and sports cheering experiences, you will want to go all the way and get yourself a home theater projector and a theater-quality screen to project upon. Nothing puts the “theater” in home theater quite like the winning combination of a projector and screen.

2. Curved TV

Okay, maybe you do not want to go all the way and set up an actual theater in your ultimate man cave. Maybe it will not work because of the size or shape of the room. Perhaps you have ruled out a 60-inch mega TV, because at the close-in distance where you have to sit, it will look pixelated and strange. If this is the case, consider picking up a curved TV, and get the best viewing experience possible for your space.

3. BSG Whole-Home Control

Once you get everything set up and you are relaxing in your overstuffed couch or chair, the last thing you want is to have to get up repeatedly to adjust every little thing. Sure, most of your devices (think: all those man cave accessories), came with remote controls, but do you really want all of those plastic hunks of redundancy taking up valuable snack real estate on your coffee or end table?

No, you want a universal remote. Moreover, why not get the best universal remote? BSG Whole-Home Control powered by can even dim the lights and turn up the heat when you need it to. You will still have to get up occasionally for another beverage or more snacks, however.

4. Beer Cooler, A Mini-Fridge, or a Kegerator

This one almost goes without saying. After all, you need something to keep the brew frosty. A kegerator is what you are looking for, but you may have to get there gradually, starting with a mini-fridge to house and cool all your cans and bottles close by.

5. Roomba

Lastly, though it is a MAN cave, you might want to get a device in there to keep it clean. You do not want to vacuum it yourself, right? Do not worry; the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner will do it for you in a pinch.

Relax, You’ve Earned it

The whole point to having the ultimate man cave is to relax and enjoy yourself in said man cave, and technology can certainly help you with that effort. These five devices may not make or break your man cave experience, but they certainly will not hurt it, either!

For more information on how to deck out your man cave, contact a BSG expert 855-MYSMARTHOME.