Recent technological advances have rendered the traditional key obsolete. While keys were once extremely useful, we’ve since seen the introduction of keyless entry into cars, homes, garages, and offices. The following list will explain why keyless entry is such a big deal.

Hands Free

Some keyless entry locks are hands free, meaning you could have a proximity detector that automatically unlocks the door upon your return home. Others are not hands free, requiring a passcode to unlock the door. While this still requires you to use your hands, it requires far less effort than using a traditional key. Imagine coming home carrying too many bags of groceries. Would you rather fumble with your keys or simply type a passcode?

More Secure

Since only your family knows the passcode, these locks are very secure. Burglars could very easily discover your spare hidden under the rock right next to the door. And, as any locksmith knows, many home locks are pretty easy to pick. Locksmiths aren’t the only people who can pick locks professionally. There are too many instruction articles out there on how to do it to risk your home security to an old fashioned keyed lock.

Off the Grid

You might be worried about a power outage causing your lock to stop working, but there’s no concern there. These locks don’t run on AC electricity, nor do they need batteries to keep them running.

Easy to Install

Almost all keyless entry locks are just as easy or easier to install than their traditional counterparts. If you need help doing so, you can always call a locksmith.

Lost Keys? No More

One of the biggest advantages is that you will never lose your house key again. If you are the type to lose your keys the morning of a big meeting, or the type of person to leave your house key at work and get all the way home before noticing, keyless entry will change your life.  There are really no downsides here. Superior technology generally wins in the end, and we are already seeing it happen. Many businesses are now exclusively reliant on keyless entry, and a lot of families are following suit for their homes. Join them today call BSG 855-MYSMARTHOME.