4 Reasons You Need HD Security Cameras At Your Business Right Now

Do you really know what goes on at your business when you’re not there to see it firsthand? 

Is your business as well-protected as it should be?

Is your business as efficient as it should be? 

As a business owner or Manager you want to ensure your investment is protected against losses from theft, false claims or inefficiency. Having an effective HD video surveillance system will deter external theft, deter internal theft (shoplifting, employee theft), record crimes, record claims and record processes.


One of the benefits of installing BSG security cameras are that they simply deter crime. Potential criminals will see that you have taken extra steps to protect your business and its patrons – and may be deterred from stealing or vandalizing knowing you have the ability to catch them in the act.
An additional visibility measure is to place a Public Display monitor (a camera used to monitor one area full-time) showing customers as they enter your business. When they see themselves on camera at the front of the store, they will be less likely to shoplift.
Recommended Indoor Security Camera Coverage:
  • Minimize blind spots
  • All entrances – main doors should be at face level
  • Cash registers; you want to be able to see the customer as well as the cash area
  • Hallways
  • Storage areas
  • Warehouses
  • Work areas
  • Seating areas
Recommended Outdoor Security Camera Coverage:
  • Minimize blind spots
  • All entrances – main doors should be at face level
  • All driveway “Choke Points” – where vehicles enter and leave the property
  • Parking lots
  • Compounds
  • Work areas
All BSG Video Surveillance systems record for 10-90 days and come with smartphone and desktop apps. You can keep an eye on things from anywhere!
TIP: Add a microphone and sync it with a camera to record audio and remotely listen where laws permit.
TIP: Upgrade to BSG Smart Cameras and get instant notifications when People or Vehicles enter security camera view.
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What time do your employees arrive to work or leave for home everyday? 
What time do mobile employees leave or arrive back from job sites? 
What are your employees doing while they’re at work? 
All security cameras have a date and time stamp. The data can be used to run your business more efficiently – and profitably!
Employees are your greatest asset. Let them know their safety is a priority, especially if they’re required to walk to and from their vehicles in the dark at extremely early or late hours.
Video surveillance of parking areas can reduce vehicle break-ins and vandalism, as well as increase the personal safety of customers and employees as they enter and exit their cars.
TIP:For best results make sure there is adequate lighting.


Did your employee get injured on the job?
Was there a slip and fall outside your business?
How can accidents be prevented? 
While most claims are legitimate, some claims made by customers and employees can be fraudulent. With an effective HD video surveillance system there is less likelihood that a false claim will succeed. With a HD video surveillance system, checking the video for the area where the incident occurred should become standard practice when completing your initial incident investigation.
TIP:  At a minimum, save and copy 2 minutes of the recording both before and after the indicated time of the incident. Reviewing the additional footage can help in determining the cause of an incident.
TIP: Even if you don’t see anything on the video when you look at it, SAVE IT!
Fraudulent claims can be costly to your business and you want to take advantage of every defense tool you can.


Want to avoid an insurance rate increase?
Some insurance companies require security cameras with Live Video Monitoring service or an on-site private security guard to reduce the risk of loss.
A private security guard @ $25 per hour can add up to an expense of $10,000+ a month. The security guard cannot cover the entire property or record incidents 24/7.
If you have a construction site or fenced compound Live Video Monitoring will quickly pay for itself. In fact, Live Video Monitoring is 50% less expensive.
TIP: Install a combination of fixed security and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) security cameras so that a remote operator can zoom in on suspects.

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