If you’ve purchased a new home this summer, you’re one of many. Summer is always the busiest season for home sales. With the warmer weather and the kids out of school, it’s just the perfect time to pack up and move. But before you start a new life in your new home, BSG suggests calling them first to have all your exterior door locks replaced.

You might ask, “Why should I get new locks on my new home?”. Maybe the previous owners gave you all their keys and you believe them. Maybe your home is brand new construction and you’re the very first person to live in it. Or maybe the last owner just had the locks replaced and you think that is good enough. Whatever reason you have for not getting the locks replaced, it’s probably not your safest bet.

Changing the exterior locks before taking up residence should be standard procedure for new homeowners. Moving into a new home is an exciting and rewarding experience. You’ve worked hard to get to this point. You’ve done your research and you’ve found the perfect home. Purchasing a new home is a huge commitment, one that will change your future and your lifestyle. All the little details involved in a home purchase can be overwhelming, so it’s understandable why you might not even think about getting the locks changed. But the fact is, it’s the very first thing you should do before you even move into your new home and here’s four reason why.

1. The previous owners handed you all their keys at closing, but maybe they didn’t. Let’s see why.

You want to trust the previous owners. They seem like very nice and honest folks. However, they lived in the house for several years and who knows how many baby sitters, house cleaners, neighbors, relatives, dog sitters, had copies of their keys? You may be able to trust the previous owners, but can you really trust all those other people? Your safest bet is to call BSG and have the locks replaced before moving all your valuables into the home.

2. Our home is brand new construction. We’ll be the very first people to live in it.

You may have purchased a newly constructed home, but there’s a very good chance that the locks are master keyed, a common practice for many home builders. Many home builders that build a lot of homes all at once in one subdivision have a common key that can access multiple homes, like all the homes on one block. The subcontractors are often given a master key as well. To make sure your new home is safe and secure, it’s probably best to call BSG to have your exterior door locks replaced before moving in.

3. The previous owners installed new locks just before we closed on our new home.

This really comes down to a trust issue. The previous owners may have had new locks installed and they may have given you all their keys at closing, but can you be completely sure? It’s always best to err on the side of safety. Sleep with peace of mind and give BSG a call to have new locks installed before moving into your new home.

4. I have insurance! I don’t really worry about someone getting into my home.

Homeowners insurance is something you absolutely want to have, but it will not prevent burglaries or safeguard you and your family. For the small price of having new locks installed, it’s just not worth the risk of having an unwanted person inside your home, causing havoc or doing bodily harm. Keep your family and your belongings safe by calling BSG 855-MYSMARTHOME to have new locks installed.

So there you have it! Changing the locks on a new home before taking up residency is an essential step in owning a home. Although it does increase your move-in expenses, it provides peace of mind, which is priceless. Eliminate the risk of having your home’s keys in the wrong hands, hire the professionals at BSG 855-MYSMARTHOME to install new locks before you even move in.