Every homeowner needs to consider putting security equipment in place to help protect their property and family. But, with all of the options available, it can be difficult to decide what type of equipment is necessary, or most valuable, for your home. Here, we’ll provide an overview of home alarm systems and what capabilities and features are important to consider before making an investment. If you have additional questions, call us at BSG in San Antonio, Texas 855-MYSMARTHOME.

Can you add on features?

Consider taking the time to find the exact security system that matches your home’s needs, and the needs of your family. You install it and it works perfectly, until you decide to add on to your home, or have a baby, or your situation changes in other ways. If you installed an alarm system that can’t be expanded, you’ll be stuck living with an ineffective system, or installing an entirely new one. Be sure you know how flexible an alarm system is before investing in it. If you can’t add-on additional features later, it may be smarter to keep shopping.

Will motion detectors work in your situation?

Motion detectors can be an extremely valuable part of home security, but the technicians installing your system need to know about your home in order to install them for maximum effectiveness. If you have large dogs, or a toddler, motion detectors in your home may need to be adjusted to avoid constant false alarms. Knowing your habits and how you’ll be using your alarm will help technicians to place your motion detectors intelligently so you can put them to the best use.

Is your alarm system monitored?

A monitored system is vital for true home security. A system being monitored means that when the alarm sounds, a monitoring station is alerted and able to reach out to you and the proper authorities. This means that if you’re incapacitated, or away from your home, it will still be protected and the police, or firemen will arrive quickly on the scene. Without a monitored system, the alarm may sound, but there will be no follow through. The alarm alone may be enough to scare off a burglar, but the alarm sounding may not be enough to bring help in the case of a fire or other emergency.

Are there remote features?

Among the best features of modern home security systems are home automation and remote monitoring. These allow you to monitor your home and security system directly from your smartphone from virtually anywhere in the world. You can watch the feed from your security cameras, arm or disarm your alarm, lock or unlock doors, turn on and off lights, and even adjust the thermostat. You’ll never need to worry about forgetting to properly secure your home, or have you or your kids locked out. If you’re installing a new home alarm system, home automation features like these should be part of it, or at least be available if you want to add them later. If they’re not, you’re probably not getting the best system for your money.

These are just a few of the considerations you should make before adding a home alarm system to your home. If you have additional questions, or just want to learn what’s possible with home security, give us a call at BSG 855-MYSMARTHOME.