One of the leading trends in the home security industry currently is home automation. When your home is equipped with the proper tools, you’re able to achieve better security, easily keep an eye on children and pets, and create a more comfortable atmosphere. Automation services are beneficial for your home, vacation home or business and controllable from your smartphone. Here we’ll outline a few of the benefits from automating your home.

Lights and Appliances

A common safety tip requires you to give the illusion that you, or someone else, is at home even when you’re not. Usually, this involves leaving lights on, or putting them on timers. With home automation, you can turn on lights remotely if you’re away when the sun sets. You’re also able to monitor appliances and ensure that the stove and oven are off, or turn off other areas of the house to save electricity.

Secure Locks

Unlocked doors are one of the easiest ways for a burglar to gain access to your home. With home automation, you’re able to remotely lock doors so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to lock a door when you leave. You can also unlock a door if you need to let someone in. Included in these features is the ability to be alerted each time someone enters or exits your home. This helps you monitor children or ensure that your home is secure.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras around your home is enough to scare away many potential burglars. In other cases, the cameras capture enough evidence to recover your stolen items and bring the guilty parties to justice. Home automation makes security cameras even more useful because it allows you to monitor camera feeds remotely on your smartphone. This introduces additional uses like keeping track of children and pets, or being able to alert authorities if something looks wrong.

Climate Control

Failing to properly program your thermostat means you’re wasting money on cooling and heating your home even when you’re not there. In order to save money, home automation allows you to control your thermostat remotely. This way, you can adjust temperature while you’re gone and still adjust it again before you get home so you’re never in an uncomfortable environment.

These are just a few reasons why home automation is so popular. If you’re interested in finding out more about how automation could enhance your home or business, call us at BSG Security: 855-MYSMARTHOME.