Home break-ins are among homeowners’ absolute worst fears and biggest nightmares. Nearly 66% of all burglaries are residential (home) break-ins, and although it’s important to install a high-quality security system to protect your home, equipping yourself with knowledge is also essential. Here are some of the most common places that burglars enter homes.

1. Doors

Many people assume that burglars usually enter through the front door, but the truth is they will try every door of your house before moving on to a different break-in method. So in addition to keeping your front door locked and deadbolted at all times, you should also keep any secondary doors locked, including garage doors, sliding glass doors, and any alternative exits. If you feel as though an area of your home isn’t quite as secure as it could be, you should contact a professional locksmith service to upgrade your locks.

2. Windows

If a burglar can’t get in through a door, they’re most likely going to try to enter through a window next. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure your windows are locked at all times. If your windows are old and you doubt that the locks are reliable, it may be time to get them replaced.

3. Climbable Objects

If the burglar has tried and failed to enter through all doors and windows on the first floor, they may not give up yet. They’re likely to look for any trees or climbable objects next to your home that they could potentially use to obtain roof access. Once on your roof, the burglar can try to enter through any of your upstairs windows. All it takes is one unlocked window to give the burglar access to your home, so again, always check and ensure that your windows are securely locked.

Ultimately, nearly 60% of all burglaries committed involved some degree of forcible entry, and protecting yourself, your home, and your family with a high-quality security system is the best way to deter burglars from trying to enter your home. For more information about security companies or types of security systems, contact BSG today at 855-mysmarthome.