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3 Biggest DIY Mistakes for Security System Installation

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3 Biggest DIY Mistakes for Security System Installation

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[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]C[/fusion_dropcap]an you imagine how many times BSG has been contacted about DIY security systems? Consumers buy DIY systems, can’t make them work and they want us to help them. They typically regret what they’ve purchased.

Americans have always been drawn to DIY (Do It Yourself) projects such as simple renovations, landscaping and painting. When it’s about saving money in their home or business, they believe they are an all-in-one Handy Man/Woman. To make your property safe you need cameras, alarms and other devices to prevent intruders – these things you simply cannot build on your own. Monitored alarms, motion detectors, and security cameras are typically installed by security specialists and electricians – and for good reason. If you’ve successfully self-installed a system, or simply doing your homework, we applaud you!

What do you think security specialists say are the most common and most costly DIY mistakes?

We explored the most common mistakes in DIY security installation that could lead to massive inventory loss, damaged equipment, or injuries. The first thing any brave Do-It-Yourselfer should take in consideration is that any new project will probably take you twice as much time and three times as much money as you had imagined. Our security specialists identified the most common mistakes they’re hired to repair from DIY projects and shared a few tips on how to avoid them.

Mistake #1 – Trying to Save Money on a Discounted System

You might start your installation thinking you have all the right tools and equipment to begin you security camera installation. If the majority of your supplies are being purchased at a discounted price, that in itself is an operation ready to fail. Do yourself a favor – buy equipment like the pros, and fully research the job. Buying cameras with poor resolution and focusing them on too large an area will not capture anything of real value and is something you want to avoid.

Mistake #2- Self Installations

Bad Installation – Wrong installation: Connector should never be exposed.

Bad Installation: Wrong hardware (screw) was used. For brick wall, special kinds of hardware and screws are needed.

The effectiveness of a camera security system will always be determined by how well it is installed and the general competence of the installer. In other words, those that are not 100% confident in what they’re doing are advised to seek outside help for the safety of their building and its contents. Don’t underestimate how tricky the installation process can be. Wiring is a major factor in setting up your security system, not having the system properly wired can cause damage to the equipment you’ve purchased.

Mistake #3 – Positioning of Cameras

Poor positioning of cameras is the most common and potentially most detrimental mistake of all. Avoiding all obstructions and making sure that the area to be covered is visible can be tricky enough, but it gets even more complex when factoring in things like condensation, moisture from rain, direct sunlight and so on. It takes a careful plan and plenty of forethought to position cameras in areas that are suitable for full 24/7 coverage – to overlook the importance of considering all weather and atmospheric conditions can be dangerous.

Pros of a Professional Installation

  • Professional & Experienced – A specialist will do a site survey & provide advice on placement of security cameras, equipment and alarm devices, including what type of product to use in specific locations and what you are both entitled and required to do with the footage these systems record.

  • Technical Trust – A qualified technician will install your new system, walk you through the steps to successfully operate the system, and answer any questions. Professional security installers have set up the system before and know exactly how it works. The chances of making mistakes during the installation are greatly reduced.

  • Troubleshooting & Support – Security Specialists can troubleshoot issues and repair or replace your system if necessary. Having a reliable security company offer support and provide training on your recently installed system is priceless.

  • Advanced Technology – Due to the technological advancement in recent years, some systems may be difficult to set up on your own. A professional will make sure the system works when it’s supposed to.

  • Maintenance – Regular maintenance is also very important for your system, remember it runs 365 days- 24/7 hours a day. A security service provider can inform you of the different maintenance programs available to keep your system operating efficiently.

Most insurance companies offer discounted premiums to customers who invest in monitored alarms and Security Camera Systems for their home or business.

You should never risk your safety to save (a few bucks), but that is exactly what you are doing if you try to use a DIY security system. Can you imagine a night someone attempts to enter your home and your DIY system happens to malfunction? Is this a risk your willing to take?  Having your system installed by a licensed professional can not only save you time and money, but your family’s safety can be guaranteed.

If you realize you’re in a bit over your head, or you want the help of a professional, simply call 855-697-6278 and we’ll be happy to assist you.