10 Reasons To Love Smart Homes

While new Smart homes are created every day, not everyone fully understands what a Smart home can do and how it can affect daily life.

Therefore, we’ve come up with 10 reasons to love Smart homes.

1) Smart homes Are Brilliant

Of course, they are brilliant. Their name says it all.

This home can think and has a brain that functions to communicate with the homeowners. If that’s not brilliant, we don’t know what is!

2) Smart homes Are Convenient

While we won’t go as far as calling people lazy, Smart homes offer convenience to those who crave it. With just one button, one switch or one command, the homeowner can engage the home to auto-work for them.

3) We Love Smart homes Due To Endless Integration Possibilities

Smart home technology integrates with hundreds, if not thousands of brands.

4) We Love Smart home Automation

Automation means that once you set something up once, that ‘action’ is remembered and can be triggered at any time by a commend. Automation means that when you get home, you can, for example, tell your home ‘I am home’ and that would trigger any automation you’ve programmed – drawing shades, changing the thermostat, locking the doors behind you etc.

5) Smart homes Save Us Time

By virtue of home automation and integration, we all save time; the Smart home does the thinking as well as the execution.

6) Smart homes Eliminate Redundancy

Never again draw the shades. Never again have to touch a light switch. Never again have to lock (or forget to lock) the door behind you. Never have to change the thermostat.  Never have to remember to water the lawn. Set it up once and it’s done!

7) Smart homes Help Those Who Are Less Able-bodied

If you or someone you love lives with a disability, or is elderly and not active, having a Smart home can be a game changer to being independent! Especially if that person has limited physical ability.

8) Smart homes Make Our Homes More Energy Efficient

By automating lights, thermostats, and window shades, your home becomes energy efficient. You will save money on your electric bill just by being smart!

9) Smart homes Give Our Home a Personality

Your home might be quirky, or stern, or persistent. If you set your automation right, your home will have a personality!

10) Smart homes Allow Us To Control Our Home With Just One Remote

The best part of having a Smart home besides ‘peace of mind’ is the ability to control your home from one remote! No more TV controls, thermostats controls, light switches and keys… One remote can do EVERYTHING for you.  Call now 855-MYSMARTHOME to talk to a BSG representative.